Songbird Laura Michelle, a singer/songwriter hailing from New Orleans has released the anticipated video for her new single “Never Be” today. Honest lyrics about the perils of dating, “Never Be” is one of those tracks you’ll find yourself singing with attitude and acting out with your friends. Peep the video below, and check out our interview after the jump.

Give the NDNCrowd readers a little info about your musical background.
In elementary school, I performed in plays around the city and sang in different children’s choirs that traveled. When I was 10 years old, I became a little shy and I didn’t really want to share with other people the thoughts that were in my head, so I started writing. I studied the Motown Era and then I would watch performers like Prince and Tina Turner. I told my mother that I was an entertainer. My family really supports my dream 100%, and that has been a blessing. I found a vocal coach and recorded my first song at 14. From there, I did a lot of acting, performing gigs here and there, commercials, modeling. I went through a very strict artist development program for 3 years, 6 days a week. It really strengthened my work ethic, and built my confidence to go harder and move further with my career.

“Never Be” is about finding out the guy that you like is involved with someone after the fact. I’m sure a quite a few women can relate; was it based on a personal experience?
Of course! Everything that I write about is absolutely something I’ve been through. When you’re listening to my music, you’re listening to my life. If I work with a new writer on a song that’s already been written, if I can’t feel it I won’t record it because that’s going to come across in the way I record and perform. I prefer for all of my music to relate to me in some kind of way.

How was it filming the video?
LOL! The video was so much fun. We filmed the video at a real car garage, so all of the men came and supported. They were fun! The Sailors Bros. and F1 Diamond shot and directed it. They were amazing. My family came and joined me on set, so there was a lot of love and fun. Zach Lee, one of the choreographers that I’ve worked with for years (and who choreographed the dance scene in the video), also has a cameo.

Who came up with the concept? All your idea or a collaborative effort with the director?
When I first wrote the song, I envisioned this regular southern girl, with an issue that a lot of us girls go through. I didn’t want the video to be glamorized so I thought about a car garage. LOL yes, a car garage. F1 brought his ideas to the table as well, and with the whole team and Cory Sparks, we collaborated on the concept of the video.

Awesome! So what are you working on right now?
Right now, I’m trying to finish my album, which is my main priority. I am also in the process of putting a band together. That will be great. I have a clothing line (LaMiche) that I’m been working on, which has been very exciting; I designed all of the costumes that I wear on stage through the line.

“Never Be” has a fun R&B vibe, with pop elements mixed in. Is this the direction you’re going in?
I love POPular music, but I really love good music in general. So if that means singing a ballad with an R&B feel or getting crazy with an eclectic techno club record, I’ll do that as well.

Any shows coming up that people should know about?
Yes, I do have some great things coming up and you all will be the first to know the dates, places, etc. I’m excited about the new songs and new things I’m bringing with me to 2011.

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