SoGiv, a non-profit apparel company, is hosting a coat drive and benefit concert Friday, January 20th at Thrive and Bloom Spa in Germantown, TN. Doors open at 7 pm.

The event will be benefiting SoGiv’s newly adopted Memphis City School, Cherokee Elementary, Union Mission, and Building Blocks Mentoring Program. There will be performances by Artistik Approach, Knowledge Nick, Reach, Sunburnt Moon, and DJ All-Star.

There are 3 ways to GIV:
I. Bring A Coat-Includes $10 Thrive & Bloom Gift Card
II. $20 Donation-Includes SoGiv Tee + $10 Thrive & Bloom Gift Card
III. $35 Donation-Includes 2 SoGiv Tees + $10 Thrive & Bloom Gift Card + Back or Pedi Massage


About SoGiv
SoGiv is a nonprofit apparel company that’s working to raise global awareness through a shoe that would enable 100% of all proceeds to be donated towards a worthy cause.Through donated time and design all over America, TEAM SoGiv exists as a group of volunteers across America providing charity work, such as feeding the homeless during the holidays, mentoring to troubled youth, sponsoring children in need, providing better medical care and nourishment through various well known organizations such as St. Jude, World Vision, etc. “Every pair SOld, we GIVe.”

To learn more about SoGiv, click here.