850 S White Station
Memphis, TN 38117

I’ve driven by Mosa Asian Bistro hundreds of times but had never been there until the other day. This Asian fusion restaurant is fast-casual during lunch hours and then full service at dinner. Everything is locally sourced and made to order. They even make all 24 of their sauces fresh daily.

I was informed that Mosa has the best Hot and Sour Soup in the city. Now that is a major claim! I love Hot and Sour soup and if you do too then you know that all Hot and Sour soups are not created equal. It seems like every Asian restaurant serves it but not everyone can perfect it. So you know I had to try it! The soup arrived all hot and steamy. It looked good but you know how that goes. I cleared my mind of all the pressure and expectations and tasted my first spoonful. I was happy and relieved to say that it was quite delicious! Hot, sour, and a touch of sweetness. Not too thick either. And as if the taste wasn’t enough to sell me on this being the best Hot and Sour soup in the city, to top it off it’s vegetarian!

In addition to the soup I tried a couple other appetizers – a Mosa Spring roll and a Basil roll. There’s not too much you can say about a spring roll but suffice it to say it was crispy on the outside and the cabbage made it crunchy on the inside. Likewise a Basil roll doesn’t need too much explanation especially as this one was exactly how a Basil roll should be but it’s noteworthy to comment on one of the accompanying sauces – sweet chili sauce and peanut sauce. I am not a fan of peanut sauce but this one was not your typical peanut sauce. It was more savory than sweet, and I actually liked it which says a lot.

Now on to the entrees. . .I had the Pad Thai with shrimp, Singapore curry with tofu, and Panang Curry with grouper. The Pad Thai had a pleasant citrus-y taste. I would have preferred a bit more sauce and next time I will definitely request it. Since Mosa makes everything to order you can customize your entrée as much or as little as you’d like. The Singapore curry was full of bell peppers and they added a nice crispness to the dish. The tofu was fried which some people prefer but I do not. By far my favorite dish, even more than the Hot and Sour Soup, was the Panang Curry with grouper. Truly good food has more than just a pleasing taste; it also engages the other senses – sight, smell, and touch or in this case texture. The Panang Curry satisfied them all. The smell was intoxicating. Buttery and spicy notes had me practically salivating, and the taste did not disappoint. The curry was in fact buttery, creamy, and slightly spicy with a touch of citrus. The veggies – zucchini, baby corn, carrots, and mushrooms – were perfectly cooked. All of the elements were distinct yet combined beautifully. If this is any indication of how much I enjoyed this dish, I went back again for dinner.

I absolutely encourage you to stop by Mosa Asian Bistro! Whether it’s for lunch, dinner, or a quick to-go order you will not be disappointed! They even have catering and the space is available for private event rentals as well. And you’ll definitely have to stop by in the spring when this location adds a bar/lounge area.

Mosa Spring Roll $1.50 each
Basil Rolls $3.95 for two
Hot and Sour Soup $1.75
Mosa Pad Thai $7.95 with shrimp
Singapore Curry $7.25 with tofu