540 South Mendenhall Ste 3
Memphis, TN 38117

This Italian deli and market is located in the shopping center at Mendenhall and Sanderlin. I used to stop here weekly to pick up dinner. They have the best ravioli and lasagna. They also sell pastas and sauces individually so you can create your own dish with ingredients you may already have at home. The pastas are made fresh daily, and you can really tell the difference compared to frozen Italian fare that you may grab at the grocery store. You can also pick up a made to order take and bake pizza, dessert, or various side dishes.

When I picked up lunch last week I saw that they now offer lobster ravioli so I think it’s time for me to revisit my former dinner routine.  The only reason why I hadn’t had lunch at Lucchesi’s sooner is because it being an Italian deli I really didn’t see too many options for me. But I was determined I was going to give it a try so I picked up a tuna melt. I was a little skeptical about a tuna melt on an English muffin and almost asked for different bread. However I am so glad I didn’t do that! I guess I was thinking about store bought English muffins that are all hard and overall just not terribly appetizing. Wrong! This English muffin was soft and slightly sweet, a great balance to the savory tuna salad. The melt itself was an open faced sandwich. English muffin topped with tuna salad, sliced tomato, red pepper (not typically included but added by my request), and melted Swiss cheese. It was a happy combination of textures and flavors. I’m already looking forward to returning.  I saw they have an Egg N’ Olive sandwich which intrigues me because in my mind those two things don’t go together. Not to mention I’m not really a fan of olives but it’s always fun to try something new.  Plus they have a Pimento Cheese Sandwich, and y’all know how much I love pimento cheese!

If you’re in the area for lunch, then stop by for a sandwich, salad, or soup.  Not sure what’s for dinner? Then do yourself and your family a favor and pick up fresh Italian fare from Lucchesi’s.  I guarantee you’ll be back for more!

Tuna Melt $7.49

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