1215 South Germantown Rd
Germantown, TN 38138

Inconspicuously tucked in one of Germantown’s monotonous tan commercial strips is Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana, an authentic Mexican deli specializing in tortugas (sandwiches). I was intrigued by this restaurant and their tortugas and finally stopped by to check it out for myself. Everything here is made to order with fresh locally sourced ingredients. Even their meats come from Mid-South family farms so maybe if I decide to eat meat again I’ll try something from here, but not on this occasion. As a recently turned guacamole lover, I did have to try Deli Mexicana’s guacamole verdadero. I ordered the guacamole and then guess what? there they were in the kitchen cutting open and dicing a guacamole. Gotta love it! The guacamole was a mixture of diced avocadoes, tomatoes, and herbs. It tasted extremely fresh and the tomatoes made it even better! For my tortuga, I opted for the seared scallops. My first bite was pure unadulterated deliciousness. The bread was slightly chewy, soft, and crusty all at the same time. Accompanying the seared scallops were avocado, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno pepper, and cheese. It was the perfect medley of tastes and textures. My tortuga also came with a small side of spicy green sauce which took my sandwich over the top! I was so pleased that I finally stopped by Deli Mexicana. I will definitely be back!

If you, too, have heard all the raves about Deli Mexicana yet haven’t checked this place out, what are you waiting for? The food is delicious and you can see it being made right in front of your eyes. Plus the staff is more than happy to explain the menu items and the restaurant’s food philosophy. Stop in for lunch or dinner, grab a seat (if you can find one, this place is busy!), or call in your order and take it home. Whatever you do don’t wait another day to taste Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana!

Guacamole Verdadero $4.95
De Callo de Hacha $13.95

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