760 Mt. Moriah Rd
Memphis, TN 38117

After getting off work early one night last week, a friend talked me into grabbing some donuts at Gibson’s. (like I really needed that much convincing! Lol) I went there with the sole intent of having a powdered cake donut, but alas! they were out. It was like 2am. The cashier suggested I try the New Orleans Buttermilk, which I did, and I got a Caramel cake donut as well.

The New Orleans Buttermilk was just baked and still a little warm. It was delightful! No, sinful! It smelled like BUTTER and tasted like BUTTER. So of course it was quite delicious! I even risked my life and had some regular ol’ milk. Yep good ol’ non-organic, non-soy milk! (Side Note: Gibson’s sells Turner Diary milk which according to is rBGH/rBST free. I feel slightly better about my milk consumption now.)

As if one super buttery and yummy donut at 2am wasn’t enough I had the Caramel donut as well. After Powdered Cake donuts, I’m almost certain that Gibson’s Caramel donut is my next favorite.  Cake-y, caramel-y, sweet and so totally not what I should be consuming at such a later hour but oh so satisfying! It’s been a minute since I’ve had a donut and these were well worth the extra calories!  Satisfy your sweet tooth any time day or night at Gibson’s!

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