105 South 2nd St
Memphis, TN 38103

Flying Fish is one of my downtown favorites to pick up a quick meal and people watch. Located on Second Street across from the Peabody Hotel, Flying Fish serves an assortment of fish in a fun atmosphere. Pictures of customers posing with their “big” catch are scattered throughout and the first half of the restaurant houses the Big Mouth Billy Bass adoption wall. You remember those animatronic singing large-mouth bass that were so popular some years back? Donate your unwanted Billy Bass to Flying Fish and get a free basket of catfish. Now I do not prefer Flying Fish’s catfish but I do love their crawfish chowder and shrimp po’boy, my standard order whenever I dine here. What can I say I know what I like! I’ve thought about trying the fish tacos (they always look so scrumptious) but I never manage to stray away from my regular order. The chowder is always thick, creamy, and full of potatoes, peppers, and crawfish. I get the po’ boy fully dressed – lettuce, tomato, onion, cocktail sauce, and tartar sauce. There’s something about having both cocktail and tartar sauce on this sandwich that makes it very tasty. I never would have thought to put both condiments on anything but it works and I love it!

Flying Fish makes everything to order so a touch of patience is necessary if you come during peak hours, but there’s nothing like having a fresh meal.

Next time you’re downtown and have a taste for fish stop by Flying Fish. If you get the fish tacos let me know how they taste. Maybe next time I’ll try them!

Crawfish Chowder $3.79
Shrimp Po’ Boy $7.99