936 Florida Street
Memphis, TN 38114

It was so overdue for me to check out this Creole soul food and vegetarian friendly restaurant located downtown. I mean seriously I love Cajun food and I definitely need more veggie friendly places to dine. So last week I along with a new Memphian by way of Chicago (another city that I love) stopped by Déjà Vu for lunch.

I’ll be honest; I was a bit unsure how lunch would go because when I checked out the menu online they had a disclaimer about the food being prepared to order and allowing extra time. Now I’m all about fresh food but allowing extra time is usually code word for it’s going to take forever, you won’t make it back to work on time, and then your boss will be looking at you crazy. Luckily for everyone this was not the case at all. Our meals were cooked to order and came out in no time.

But let me back up a bit. Déjà Vu is located on Florida St near Crump in a rather small colorful building. You know the type of place where you look at it and just know there’s some good cooking going on inside? Yeah, this is one of those places. Inside there are about 8 tables that each seat four. It is a little cramped, but you can also call in orders and take to go if there’s not any seating available.

The service is excellent – friendly, prompt, polite, and very attentive. You cannot ask for better service from any restaurant.

The menu has a great assortment of Cajun dishes and sides. I definitely had a difficult time selecting. As always I really wanted to order everything on the menu. I was torn between the shrimp creole, bayou classic (fish topped with a creamy reduction of fresh lump crab-meat, crawfish, and shrimp), crawfish etouffee, and several of the sides. I ended up selecting the crawfish etouffee because I figured if you’re a New Orleans’ style restaurant you absolutely must have the etouffee mastered. Surprisingly the etouffee came with two sides so I got to try the fried plantains and smothered okra. Then I think I got too excited and ordered the veggie rolls.

Like I said, lunch arrived in no time, and everything looked and smelled delicious! First the veggie rolls. They were golden and crispy yet slightly chewy, which I loved. The cabbage, carrots, and raisins were a fantastic mix. I especially liked the flavor and texture that the raisins added.

Next the sides. The plantains were good. I think I would have preferred them cut a little thicker but they were tasty. The okra was very flavorful. I would order both again.

Now to the crawfish etouffee. It had a rich full flavor and was overflowing with crawfish. The rice was precisely prepared as well.

Lunch was so good that I sincerely wanted to come back for dinner. I see call in orders in my near future. If you are craving fresh, flavorful food in a friendly atmosphere, then you absolutely must put Déjà Vu in your plans. I’m so glad I did! One of the best dining decisions I’ve made.

Veggie Rolls $7.00
Crawfish Etouffee $9.99

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