5101 Sanderlin Avenue Ste 104 B
Memphis, TN 38117

The other day I stopped by Cosmic Coconut to grab a smoothie and check out this vegan snack spot. I should really say hang out spot. The atmosphere was very welcoming with vibrant colors and decor giving off a fun, hip, and environmentally conscious vibe. There were tables to lounge at while enjoying your vegan treat and the complimentary WiFi.

A colorful and artistic rendition of the menu covered an entire wall. I knew I wanted a smoothie so I bypassed the chakra cleansing teas, juices, bowls, and coffee instead browsing the list of creatively named smoothies. In a departure from my usual berry or tropical drink, I decided to try the Chocolate Covered Almond – banana, almond milk, almond butter, cacao, carob, and agave blended with ice.

As I was checking out the cashier upsold me on some Coco Nutties – vegan “cookies.” An easy sell as I’m sure you can imagine.

The smoothie was made in no time. I grabbed my treat and headed back to work. The smoothie was so light and fresh. It tasted fresher than any banana I have ever eaten. The cacao added the subtlest hint of chocolate. Not overbearing. In fact all the flavors – banana, cacao, almond – blended together harmoniously creating a taste more natural than I imagine any of the ingredients would have had individually. If God made chocolate bananas, this is what they’d taste like. That is how fresh and unadulterated this smoothie tasted.

The cashier advised me that the Coco Nutties although small in size were very dense so one would satisfy. He was right. They were exactly the portion to assuage a craving for something sweet. Chewy, chocolate-y, and very crunchy from the cashews and almonds.

Overall I was very happy with my selections. They did just the trick to power me through the work day. I’ll definitely be stopping by again soon. I want to try one of the chakra cleansing teas plus I wouldn’t mind grabbing a seat inside while I work on WendyEats.

Coco Nutties $3.99
Smoothie 12oz approximately $5

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