Cooper Young has to be one of my favorite Memphis festivals. Besides a diverse assortment of local bands, food, artisans, and other vendors, Cooper Young Festival also has my favorite race – the Cooper Young 4 Miler. Unfortunately this year I wasn’t able to run in the race. L I am committed to fully recovering from an old stress fracture in my foot; so I made the responsible choice to not run. However that didn’t mean that I couldn’t make lots of irresponsible food choices at the actual festival.

So this past Saturday some friends and I met up at the Cooper Young Festival. Not eating meat kinda takes the fun out of festival food, but I did manage to find some very yummy foods I could eat. I hadn’t eaten all day so by the time I arrived at Cooper Young, around 1pm, I was super hungry. The first food stand I found was candied nuts – pecans, cashews, and almonds. I had a hard time deciding between the cashews and almonds. I really like the meatiness of cashews, but because of the health benefits of almonds I potentially could have counted the candied almonds as a healthy food choice. I ultimately decided on the cashews. They were chewy, crunchy, warm, sugary delights!

Next I spied a tamale stand and got super excited because I do love tamales. Then I got sad because I figured they were probably just pork. But I was wrong!

I got black bean tamales, of course. They were delicious. The hot sauce made them even tastier. I could’ve just eaten tamales and been happy.

Next up was guacamole from the Las Delicias stand. It was pretty good, but I wish I wouldn’t have had it and instead saved that room for a veggie gyro.

Now I do love to eat but since I hadn’t eaten all day until that point and since I had to drink lots of water because of the heat, I had to save what little room I had left for funnel cake. Yum! Who doesn’t love perfectly fried dough topped with mounds of powdered sugar?! A perfect end to my festival food.

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